Horse racing betting elements you need to know (Part 2)

Horse racing betting elements know in advance Horse weight: The weight of a horse is officially determined and shows signs of development going up or down. These factors should be considered before placing on that horse. Horse level: Usually a professional race horse will start his career at the age of 2. The trainers will […]

Horse racing betting elements you need to know (Part 1)

Horse racing has been a part of our history since the earliest days of human civilization and is also the oldest form of online sports betting. Many people will not deny that they have tried betting on horse racing at some point in their lives. However, they have failed to seize the opportunities they get […]

Enjoy the great technique on the horse back of the proud lady of Inner Mongolia

Going to the Inner Mongolia steppe tribes without watching them perform on horseback is a big mistake. The ancient Mongols were always proud of being born, raised and living on horseback. A horse is a friend, a lover, their life. In Genghis Khan, the world was terrified with the saying: “Where the Mongolian horse hooves, […]

Behind the glamor of Hollywood at the racecourse

The book “Hollywood at the Races” reveals the intertwining history of the film and horse racing industries in the US in the 20th century. During the boom of the film industry and a new series of horse racing tracks, the easiest place to see Hollywood stars in California in the 1930s was horse racing. Shuback […]

Instructions on how to ride horse avoid injury

Horse riding is one of the most popular sports. But riding a horse that is standard and true makes it difficult for many people.  Not everyone can master and master the basic ways of riding. So if you care how you can ride a horse exactly. Just like how to ride a horse without hurting yourself, follow the […]

About Tokyo racecourse you should know

A horse racing course in Fuchu, Tokyo. “Japan Cup”, the highly-rated race in the world is currently being held at this racetrack. So far, in Japan when it comes to the racecourse, everyone imagines in the beginning that it is a place where only the middle-aged and senior males are concentrated, but later the racetrack […]

Common points between the Stock Market and the horse racing market (Part 2)

5. Investors often go in the wrong direction during the analysis process. Knowing the horse you are going to bet soon money will be back to you. Analyze past accomplishments carefully and you’ll know where to invest. We don’t look for horses that have the highest chance of winning, but we have to find which […]

Common points between the Stock Market and the horse racing market (Part 1)

Stocks and horse racing may seem like nothing at all, but they have so many similarities that you can replace the word “horse” with “stock” and still read it. The author of the book is also a writer for the Daily Racing Form – Steve Crist – has shown readers how to think and behave […]