Horse’s heat cycle and all you need to know (Part 2)

Males are of sexual age at the period of 36 to 40 months, but stallions are mated after 48 months of age. The odd expression when the horse curls its upper lip and raises his teeth to look like a big smile, is in fact part of the flehmen reaction. It is just the act […]

Horse’s oestrus cycle and all you need to know

The oestrus cycle is also referred to simply as the controlled estrus when a mare is acceptable to a stallion, and helps the body prepare the mare for conception. Usually mares are male (in heat) once a year, this usually happens in spring or summer. The period of the mare is normally heat-resistant in warmer […]

South African zebra behavior you should know (Part 2)

South African zebras usually live in small groups, with a ratio of one male – five females. With a weight of 240 – 372 kg, the South African zebra is considered a magical symbol of South Africa. South African zebras are also the longest living horse with a lifespan of 25 years or more and […]

South African zebra behavior you should know (Part 1)

Also known as the mountain zebra or Cape zebra, the South African zebra is distributed in the mountains and highlands (at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level) in South Africa. These horses are herbivores only and occasionally bushes, so they can survive in desert and semi-desert conditions. Due to its distribution in high […]

What do you know about the horse’s digestive system?

The horse’s digestive system has a great influence on the diet of the horse, their digestive system will affect the choice of food, time to eat, what to eat, their eating habits, and other related issues. Tooth system A horse’s teeth are fully developed, usually around the age of five, it has between 36 and […]

Is betting on M88 horse racing online safe?

Almost a lot of people are wondering about whether betting on horse racing via M88 is safe? So to see the safety, let us analyze the edges of this issue. First, for betting results you need to find a safe and reputable bookmaker. According to us you should choose the M88 horse racing bet. Why […]

The reason police in many countries still use horses instead of motor vehicles (Part 1)

Each country tries to equip the police with the most modern equipment and technology, but the horses are always accompanied by the diligent officers. Why is that? Compared to their predecessors with only loyal horses and pistols, police forces now not only own cars, radios, cameras, but also countless other modern technological equipment. Even the […]

Horse Breeding Basics – Forage Horses (Part 3)

Most horses get enough of those minerals from commercial food or added vitamins. So you can discuss with your local licensed veterinarian about the horse diet to decide whether to feed your horse with mineral salts or not. New horse owners must first consult with local experts, local veterinarians and / or agronomists to create […]

Horse Breeding Basics – Forage Horses (Part 2)

Continue to the previous post, we will find out some useful information about horse breeding in this article. Grains are mainly used when we predict horse weight growth. Although small amounts of whole grains work great, we must be very careful, because too much of this food leads to life-threatening situations. As a rule of […]