12 fastest, most productive horses all over the world took part in a race that offers the largest-scale horse race being held in Sydney, Australia.

Everest horse race tournament, being held in Royal Randwick horse racecourse in Sydney, in 2019, offered a recording prize of 9,6 million USD. The first-prized jockey of this race pocketed the sum of up to 4,8 million USD.  

This also means that in regard to the prize, Everest horse race tournament ranked 3th, just below 2 other horse races being held on land, which is Dubai World Cup – 12 million USD and Saudi Cup – 20 million USD, according to CNN.

This race took place on October 19th… This is the third session of Everest race, however, this fantastic horse race has appealed to million spectators and used to have pop music superstar Kelly Rowland sing for the entertaining show after the race.

Everest racing tournament requires its participants to buy a “portion” at one among 12 starting gates with a cost of 400.000 USD. Those who pay for this portion then can use their horses to compete or make deal with other horses’ owners to rent and earn the money if their horses win.

A horse named Redzel of Australia had won 2 championships in 2 successive years (2017 and 2018). It is believed to come back and bring the bacon once again in this 2019 session. 

“ This is a tough challenge however, I believe that Redzel can make it real. It has been stronger after 2 years.” horse trainer Paul Snowden said. “Simply, it just looks outstanding.”

Drawing short straws in 12 gates has always been the most fantastic moment of this race when various colors presenting jockeys are showed in Sydney Harbour Bridge (The Coathangcarngboiwr). 

Most the spectators will not have to follow any strict rules about clothes as in the Royal Ascot horse race, on the other hand, are encouraged to dress as fashionable as possible.