Horse racing in Japan is a popular sport. Besides, horse racing betting is also quite exciting activity in Japan.

Including Fuchu racecourse in Tokyo where the Japan Cup takes place – is a race that is highly appreciated in the world. The racetrack is well-designed, including a children’s area. Every year, each time the race is held, many families from old to young, girls and boys come here to have fun and try their luck by betting on their favorite horse. Here, there are also many events for visitors to get their hands on the race horses. This is a very popular activity for children. Children can also ride a horse cart or have fun at the park with a fountain. On days without a race, visitors can come here to experience the feeling of riding. The restaurants here are also very crowded with many very attractive dishes.

Háo hức khi trường đua ngựa mở lại - Báo Người lao động

In Japan, if you are over 20 years old, you will be allowed to participate in horse racing betting openly and legally. The minimum bet amount should be from 100 yen. People often bet on big horse races. Horse racing betting in Japan has quite a complicated options such as: Tansho – choose which horse to win first; Fukusho – the horses that finish 1st to 3rd are the winners; Wide – 2 horses that finish first will win; San renfuku – the horse in the top 3 places wins. Tansho and Fukusho are the two most popular forms of play.

And as of now the 21st century, a century when the age of information technology begins to develop, betting players begin to be exposed to an online betting technology that does not need to go to each casinos, or stadiums where bets can be made it is advisable to bring online betting to individual users. It is inevitable to satisfy the betting needs of citizens around the world in this era of information technology development, then playing online betting to satisfy some pleasures is sure not necessarily difficult.