New fantastic experiences for Chinese

Recently, Zoe Quinn has built and established the Wonder Horse, where horse racing supplies, equipment, and services are provided in Shanghai. 

Zoe Quin got across the idea that the horse racing industry is now blooming in his country because of 2 main reasons. “Parents in China consider horse racing as a subject for the upper class. Knowing how to ride horses will help their childs to be more outstanding in the competitive Chinese community.

To adults, taking part in various horse races can help them to enhance relationships and have more chances to involve in different fields such as investment, travel and other community activities.” Quin said

Quin used to a representative of China for LeCheval, an organization for promoting horse racing in Franch. “It is more than a kind of sport, horse racing is a new experience for Chinese,” Quin said. 

According to the annual report of Horsemanship magazine, there have been 1.802 horse racing clubs in China until now, which almost doubled the number of Chinese horse racing clubs in 2016. Horsemanship also revealed that the majority of horse racing clubs located in the North and the East of China, especially in Shanghai and Beijing. 

The China Government stated that horse racing will be greatly supported by them in 2014, which can pretty ensure the rapid development of this trend in the future.

Acknowledged this trend of China, recently, French President Emmanuel Macron has come to China and brought a vigorous mounted horse of the French army as a special gift for China President – Xi Jinping.

However, Horsemanship magazine also emphasized that China is still in lack of horse experts, coaches, mentors and veterinarians to promote and upgrade the level of horse racing in China.