The number of horse racing clubs is now rapidly increasing in China to meet the great demand of people from the upper-class who are thriving for being amateur jokers. 

High-end leather shoes are perfectly arranged on the red carpet, pictures captured hunting dogs on races are hang on walls. These are how County Down Club – the very first club in China for horse racing and fox hunting looks like?

This club, which names after a district in South Ireland, was established 3 years ago. Its owner Steven Sun said that actually horse race has been developing quickly since from 5 to 10 years ago.” 

”I think that this is enlightenment in awareness”, this 32-year-old man said. Sun began loving horse racing since he was studying in England. 

According to AFP, the number of Chinese who enroll in such sports as horse racing is increasing when their incomes are greatly improved.

County Down has dozens of horses and Sun wanted his club to be a pioneer in promoting fascinating sports like horse racing in China. County Down club has an entertainment complex including of swimming pool, indoor gym, and piano which is a great place for relaxing as well as meeting and making new friends. 

County Down has almost 80 members with an annual fee of 8.400 USD each member. However, in the near future, this place will be not only for the upper-class members as it’s fee may decrease. 

”We hope all of our members will have best qualities as well as great attitudes or further, be outstanding with great riding skills”- Sun said

”This will help us to improve our jockey community. When they have the same level of skills, it would be much easier to have talks and share experiences with each other.”