5. Investors often go in the wrong direction during the analysis process.

Knowing the horse you are going to bet soon money will be back to you. Analyze past accomplishments carefully and you’ll know where to invest.

We don’t look for horses that have the highest chance of winning, but we have to find which horses have advantages far beyond their chances of winning.

Điểm chung giữa Thị trường chứng khoán và trường đua ngựa

6. There is always an incentive to give up your strategy when it doesn’t get a lot of consensuses.

When you first start using this method, make sure the bet like you will be wary of you immediately. If they ask what horse you like and you answer, “I think the number 4 is overvalued compared to the real value,” then the cap is likely to respond: “So? Which one do you like? ”

Good friends often tend to recommend which money to put on a horse, not the price.

7. Know the enemy and know us, hundred battles and hundreds won.

If every horse bettor except you are an idiot who only knows how to bet based on name and color, you will make a lot of money every day. On the contrary, if they are all betting experts (those who make a living from betting), the chances of you winning is very small.

Trường đua ngựa tại Sóc Sơn dự kiến hoạt động từ 2020 | Vietstock

8. Is investment becoming more and more competitive? It’s correct.

In recent years, people have been complaining that the horse race is becoming more or more harsh or even “too harsh”.

Fifty years ago, it was much easier to breathe when the stakes were low and the number of horses involved was more, mainly due to the almost monopoly mechanism of racing sports applied to legal betting.

9. This is the best opportunity to invest in horses on the track or stock market.

Even if the stakes are higher, the opponents are less intelligent, the 21st-century bookmakers have a great advantage that the era of 50 years ago has: There are many forms of betting. It’s up to you.