Going to the Inner Mongolia steppe tribes without watching them perform on horseback is a big mistake.

The ancient Mongols were always proud of being born, raised and living on horseback. A horse is a friend, a lover, their life. In Genghis Khan, the world was terrified with the saying: “Where the Mongolian horse hooves, grass cannot grow there”.

The Inner Mongolia tour guide who led my group had to admit the nature of the Mongols was extremely aggressive, like to conquer, destroy and dominate. Because they live on the prairies, they don’t like buildings and palaces. Therefore, after the invasion they will destroy the whole city.

Thưởng thức tuyệt kỹ trên lưng ngựa của anh hào nữ kiệt Nội Mông - Ảnh 1.

Many great works have forever disappeared under the Mongolian horse’s hooves. Today, the war is no longer, modern society develops somewhat so the ancient bravery also faded away. But they still attach great importance to preserving the traditional culture. 6-year-old children have learned horse riding. Every day they still use horses to transport goods.

And now they have a new job to perform for visitors to enjoy. What they perform is enough to keep your eyes open.

In the middle of Inner Mongolia steppe, about 100 young men and women participated in this performance. The introduction is an introduction to the history of the land and the rise of Genghis Khan, followed by a war and warriors fighting the battle. The end of the war ended, the Inner Mongolia lived happily on the vast steppe.

Thưởng thức tuyệt kỹ trên lưng ngựa của anh hào nữ kiệt Nội Mông - Ảnh 2.

Through the sections, the technique of horse control is shown at the peak with increasing difficulty. It was really impressive to see the Inner Mongolia girls showcasing an extremely skillful and dangerous technique that wants to lose their heart, such as standing on horseback riding, hiding on the horse’s side to attack the opponent, tumbling on the horse, doing 2-person tower while horses are galloping and many other techniques.

Going to Inner Mongolia, you remember watching horse racing shows, demonstrating horse control techniques, demonstrating archery techniques. Those are the most special features of this area that are missed as a trip.