Miraval in Tucson, Arizona, is a destination spa known for special programs and spa treatments you won’t find anywhere else.

The most famous is the Equestrian Experience, where you interact with a horse and learn things about yourself – how you communicate non-verbally, with frustration and involving all living creatures.

The riding experience was created by the charismatic cowboy therapist Wyatt Webb, who has been doing it at Miraval for many years. His idea is that the way you do one thing is the way you do most things. So Wyatt or his trained instructor teaches you how to perform simple tasks with a specially trained horse, observe how you perform and give feedback.

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The most famous experience of Miraval

The Equine experience is one of many Miraval experiences that allows you to build confidence, character and understanding by taking you out of your comfort zone. Some people who do the Riding Experience have a great fear of horses, because they’ve been hurt (trampled, trampled, you name it). Some people worry because they are never near horses. Or some people are confident, then have to deal with failures when they don’t do what they want, when they want to.

Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa Equine Experiences in Tucson

Sign up for the Equestrian Experience before you arrive, as it’s popular. A small group of people gathered forward, got in the car and drove to a nearby location. There, Wyatt or his staff talk to the group about what you will do with the horses, when you sit in a circle under a tent. You can also talk about any emotions you might have about what lies ahead.

The tasks include picking out a horse’s hoover (including keeping the horse raised in its foot). After you’re done, brush your horse, walk and then drop it in a closed loop. The lung is where you stand in the middle of the circle with a whip (out of my comfort zone!) And make the horse move around you in a circle, at a steady pace, then change direction.