The horse hears what you are saying

All of these tasks require nonverbal communication, and the horse acquires what you are saying to your body. Being relaxed and confident will certainly help. If you are scared, hesitant or don’t know how to tell the horse what you want, it probably won’t respond.

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People who are used to control often have difficulty if the horse does not cooperate. This is a place where tears can flow, and more than one person told me the experience of horses changed their lives. The idea is to look at how you do everything and see if it works for you. If it works, keep doing it. If something doesn’t work, don’t do it anymore. Try something different (and repeat until it works). And if that doesn’t work, let help even though it is considered weak in our culture.

Devil of perfection

There isn’t much drama in our group, but I still learn a lot about myself. I noticed some things about myself when I performed simple tasks. At first, I was a bit nervous – not because I was afraid of horses, but because I knew other people would be there, and I wanted everything to be 100% correct, first time. Ninety-five percent is right and a learning curve is not good enough for this perfectionist!

Carolyn came to check with me and I told her that I had to work with the horse a little to be able to lift it. “You’ve made four hooves and some don’t even get one,” she said. Then I reduced what I did. “Well, that’s because I’ve been around horses before.” It is interesting to observe that I will not let myself have a sense of accomplishment, even if I get the result I want. Brushing teeth and riding is also very easy for me.

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Dial up or down to get the result you want

Then came messing around, something I’d never done before. Carolyn explained that it requires the use of your intention and energy to communicate with the horse, asking it to go around and change direction. The horse actually responded to the energy we put out. For example, a woman was very worried and the horse kept running faster. Carolyn said it is possible to “dial down” to get the results you want. This is very important to remember.

After the exercises, there was a little “handling” when we gathered under the tent. I realize that my perfectionism takes pleasure from everything.

The Equine experience costs $ 45 for 2 hours if you are led by Wyatt staff and $ 150 if you make the experience with Wyatt in a group limited to 10 people. You can also take a two-hour mindfulness riding desert ride for $ 105.