Horse racing betting elements know in advance

Horse weight: The weight of a horse is officially determined and shows signs of development going up or down. These factors should be considered before placing on that horse.

Horse level: Usually a professional race horse will start his career at the age of 2. The trainers will assign specific levels to their horses based on several factors such as the type of horse they are holding, the number of race wins and many others. Grade 1 horses are the best and level 7 is the worst. Therefore, pay attention to the horse’s level before placing a bet.

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Jockey: Sometimes jockey have different favorite racing tracks. Some prefer short distances while others prefer long distances. Therefore, the winning rate of a jockey at specific distances can be a crucial factor in a horse racing betting decision.

Trainer: trainer plays a crucial role in preparing horses with specific races. Sometimes the combination and understanding between the trainer and the jockey will make the difference. Therefore, always paying attention to this factor is a really wise step.

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Track and arena: The racecourse plays an important role in both the decision and the horse’s performance. The track can be soft, very soft, dry and very dry which will affect the performance of the horse. At the same time, some racetracks have right turns, some have left turns with steep and downhill conditions. Sometimes the track has grass and some do not. Therefore, these factors are important in parallel analysis with statistics to make better decisions.

Distance: Like jockey, the horses have their favorite distances. Some have done well in the short while some have done well in the long run. Therefore, keeping this factor in mind will definitely help you bet the right child.