Males are of sexual age at the period of 36 to 40 months, but stallions are mated after 48 months of age.

The odd expression when the horse curls its upper lip and raises his teeth to look like a big smile, is in fact part of the flehmen reaction. It is just the act of horses to smell their olfactory glands. The flehmen reaction was more common in males than in mares.

Stables must always be clean, the floor and paths must be dry at all times. Pay attention to ventilation in the barn, keep the barn with enough light. The stallion needs to be quiet. Little exposure to the surrounding environment, including those who do not directly cultivate and manage it. Attention should be paid to daily isolation from the mare, otherwise the horse’s reflexes will be disturbed, the aggressiveness will be reduced.

Herding horses on the paddock, the mare, bewildered to find the male, freely freeing her herd will follow the stallion, curl her tail, pee, and the mare approaches the female, turning her butt close to the stallion. The mare will let the stallion sniff, bite the back part, and bring the hind legs down, and want to mate the male. Examination of the mare’s genitals shows a soft cervix, soft and sagging uterine horns, and developing ovaries. At the time of nearly ovulation, the follicle has developed a hard, round fluid accumulation, when the collapsed follicle has soft or awkward soft capsule. It is necessary to monitor the clinical manifestations, combined with piloting the stallion (test) to determine the mare in heat.

The mare has a heat cycle after 7 to 13 days after giving birth. At this time, the mare is nursing. The mother will keep the mare when the stallion comes close and does not show obvious heat. During this cycle horses need to be mated immediately because they are still able to reproduce normally. If they are not mated in time, it will be difficult to re-mate because the mother horse produces a lot of milk, causing the mother to be skinny, and the hot weather prevents the horse from being in heat again, so it may not be able to mate during the year.