Horse riding is one of the most popular sports. But riding a horse that is standard and true makes it difficult for many people. 

Not everyone can master and master the basic ways of riding. So if you care how you can ride a horse exactly. Just like how to ride a horse without hurting yourself, follow the lesson. Certainly, a lot of experience will be shared here.

Start riding from the simplest way

The simplest way of riding is to get to know your thoroughbred horse . If you are not familiar with them, you will not be able to start perfect. Only from small steps to impress the horse he will be riding. Touch it, get used to it and befriend it. Surely then you will find your horse more docile. Another important point, you need to look into its eyes. Accompanied by sweet words of comfort.

Plus, don’t forget the other basics. Equestrian technique requires you to have interactions with your horse. Remember, stroking and giving him hugs is not enough. You need to be in close contact with the horse so that he will listen to you. Since then, you can comfortably exercise. Please be as comfortable as possible when riding.

Start sitting on horseback

When you start sitting on horseback, you should be cautious of the following. Don’t get angry with the horse you’re riding. In the manner in which horse riding is concerned, you must avoid this. For example if you are angry with a horse. You kick, bang, scream at it. It will be difficult to imagine the terrible consequences that will occur. So be a wise rider. Know the limits of each species and do not go beyond that limit.