Let’s review the most valuable horses in horse racing history, the sport of luxury, nobility and age.

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world and has grown into a multi-billion business. Legal schools in the UK and US can annually pay taxes up to hundreds of billions of dollars. Therefore, race horses, especially purebred horses, will be of very high value. In addition to the background, strength, speed, many non-professional factors such as the breeding ground, the reputation of the horse, even the reputation of the broker can also push the horse’s value up many times.

1. Fusaichi Pegasus (70 million USD)

Fuchaisi is the most expensive horse in history. Besides winning the annual Kentucky Derby in 2000, the horse born on April 12, 1997 defeated all competitors in 75 other races, and won a prize of up to millions of dollars. With these achievements, Fusaichi Pegasus is known as the legend of the horse racing village.

2. Shareef Dancer (40 million USD)

Shareef Dancer is an American race horse, carrying the bloodline of the most successful race horse of the 20th century, Northern Dancer. Shareef Dancer has won 3 races and was named Britain’s best long-distance runner in 1983.

3. Annihilator (19 million USD)

Annihilator owns the qualities of a top race horse. However, according to Horseyhooves , this purebred racehorse only gives its owners a modest bonus ($3,000). Annihilator’s descendants were also later not noticed by the horse racing world.

4. The Green Monkey ($ 16 million)

This is a purebred racing horse originating from the legendary Northern Dancer and was acquired in 2006 for up to $ 16 million in a public auction. This horse only brought about 10,000 USD in prize money, then had to break up from the racetrack when he was only 14 years old because of serious scleritis.

5. Palloubet D’Halong (15 million USD)

The Palloubet D’Halong is the only performance horse on the list of the most expensive horses in the world, comparable to the famous race horses. Palloubet successfully competed in horse-jumping tournaments such as PSI European Championship, Aachen Rolex Grand Prix. Referring to Palloubet, fans will remember female athlete Janika Sprunger, both of whom have been together for many years and achieved a lot of success.

6. Seattle Dancer (13.1 million USD)

The Seattle Dancer is a purebred racing horse with very close origins to the legendary Northern Dancer. In an auction that took place in 1985, the Seattle Dancer set a record for $ 13.1 million . This horse participated in 5 races and won 2 of them. After parting with the racetrack, the Seattle Dancer became a sought-after stallion in many countries. This famous horse died in Germany after a heart attack when he was only 23 years old.