Is betting on M88 horse racing online safe?

Almost a lot of people are wondering about whether betting on horse racing via M88 is safe? So to see the safety, let us analyze the edges of this issue. First, for betting results you need to find a safe and reputable bookmaker. According to us you should choose the M88 horse racing bet. Why […]

The reason police in many countries still use horses instead of motor vehicles (Part 1)

Each country tries to equip the police with the most modern equipment and technology, but the horses are always accompanied by the diligent officers. Why is that? Compared to their predecessors with only loyal horses and pistols, police forces now not only own cars, radios, cameras, but also countless other modern technological equipment. Even the […]

Horse Breeding Basics – Forage Horses (Part 3)

Most horses get enough of those minerals from commercial food or added vitamins. So you can discuss with your local licensed veterinarian about the horse diet to decide whether to feed your horse with mineral salts or not. New horse owners must first consult with local experts, local veterinarians and / or agronomists to create […]

Horse Breeding Basics – Forage Horses (Part 2)

Continue to the previous post, we will find out some useful information about horse breeding in this article. Grains are mainly used when we predict horse weight growth. Although small amounts of whole grains work great, we must be very careful, because too much of this food leads to life-threatening situations. As a rule of […]

Horse Breeding Basics – Forage Horses (Part 1)

When it comes to horse feeding, we have a graze and feed debate. It is true that horses (as well as cows, pigs, goats, and other animals now domesticated) have survived for centuries simply by eating grass and drinking water in the wild. However, the average lifespan of a horse in the wild is much […]

Some horse racing betting tips

Horse racing is a highly entertaining sport bet and is also a good investment if the player has good judgment plus a little luck. With the development of information technology, players can participate in horse racing bets more easily. To be able to increase their chances of winning, players need to use a lot of […]

Why are American police still patrolling on horseback?

The most important effect of the taboo is believed to be in building a close relationship between the police and the people. Until the early twentieth century, cavalry police were an indispensable force in some European countries because of poor road conditions and large rural areas.¬†Following the colonialism of European countries, the cavalry police force […]

Legend costs $ 70 million leading the top most expensive horse in history

Let’s review the most valuable horses in horse racing history, the sport of luxury, nobility and age. Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world and has grown into a multi-billion business. Legal schools in the UK and US can annually pay taxes up to hundreds of billions of dollars. Therefore, race […]

What information about racers do you need to know when betting on horse racing?

Unlike other racing types, in horse racing, you not only need to learn about the horse but also learn about the racer who drives that horse. This is an important betting strategy that is sometimes overlooked by new players. So what do you need to research about racers when betting on horse racing? There are […]