5. Is horseback riding expensive?

Horse riding can be expensive, but not out of reach. There are many ways to ride a horse, without owning a horse. Taking lessons, riding on dude ropes, renting or semi-boarding can partly help you get in the saddle without the cost of actually owning a horse. Of course, if you want to be highly competitive, the cost increases, as a more expensive horse is needed, along with trucks, trailers and all the equipment. Many competing riders have sponsors to help offset costs.

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6. Is horse riding bad for your body?

Falling from a horse is bad for your body. Horse riding is only harmful to your body if you already have health problems that are aggravated by this activity. If you have back or knee problems, it’s best to consult a doctor or physical therapist (most of them will know very little about horseback riding) and consider their advice. . A study conducted in 1996 cited that rotator cuff, knee, hip and lower back issues are most common in riders.

7. Is horse riding dangerous?

Some sources say horse riding is one of the ten most dangerous activities. It is more dangerous than riding a motorbike and you are more likely to maintain a horseback riding injury than in any other sport. Learn how to drive well and wear safety equipment like helmets and boots that can go along the road to keep you safe while riding.

8. Is riding a horse difficult to learn?

Horse riding is like many other sports, including many skills to learn. There are basic skills that you must learn to be safe and control the horse. Once you have mastered the basics however, having advanced riding skills allows you to control the horse to a finer level, and actually makes it easier for your horse to carry you.

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9. Is it difficult to start riding again after a long absence?

Many people ride when they are young, but leave sport while attending school or starting a family. If you have returned to riding after a long absence, it may take a while to get your body and mind used to handle and ride horses again. The older you are, the longer the absence.

10. Is horse riding more difficult than other sports?

Horse riding can be a more adventurous sport than others. And, there is a misconception that you just sit and let the horse do all the work. Few people do not understand the whole body and mind the effort required to ride really well, to keep the horse balanced and in control. Not only must you have control of your own body, but also that of a horse. Good riders take years to develop.