Male and female horses live in the same barn. Every day, they are ordered by their owners to do many things: towing wagons, carrying things, pulling plows, etc.

They are close like two friends who carry the fate of horses with the chorus: working, eating, resting, working for the rest of life.

However, when the mare is close to adulthood, she is fed more grain mixed with kitchen ash. The mare is very satisfied, she tells the stallion that this dish is richer and more delicious than the bland dried straw. The stallion was silent but a little jealous, as he was not fed this dish by the owner.

At the age of love, the mare often tries to gasp in response to the call of the handsome, powerful wild horse from the far forest. The stallions were a bit more jealous, even though, as said, they were just as close as two friends.

One day, the owner removed the rope, opened the stable, and let the mare go into the woods. The mare chirped and could not greet the stallion, galloping into the woods, running after the call of love. The stallion raised his eyes and watched the mare free and filled with regret and jealousy. He begins to feel destiny, to feel imprisonment when compared with the luck and freedom of the mare.

Indeed, while the mare was wandering in the woods, walking shoulder to shoulder to the future with the jackal brother, the remaining stallion had to take care of everything. The workload has now doubled.

The stallion was extremely angry. He bites, kicks, cages, and goes on a hunger strike. He does everything possible to not have to work, to enjoy the paddy mixed with ashes, and especially to be released into the forest, free of imprisonment and hard work.

But responding to all these defilements is the whip, scolding of the owner. The more he was beaten, the more resentful the male horse became, the easier he was to pity himself, the more envious of the mare. Sometimes he even wants to die. So freedom, he thinks so.

Until one day.