Some horse racing betting tips

Horse racing is a highly entertaining sport bet and is also a good investment if the player has good judgment plus a little luck. With the development of information technology, players can participate in horse racing bets more easily. To be able to increase their chances of winning, players need to use a lot of […]

What information about racers do you need to know when betting on horse racing?

Unlike other racing types, in horse racing, you not only need to learn about the horse but also learn about the racer who drives that horse. This is an important betting strategy that is sometimes overlooked by new players. So what do you need to research about racers when betting on horse racing? There are […]

Go to Kentucky to see horse racing festival (Part 1)

Horse racing in North America is a huge “money-gathering” industry, worth tens of millions of dollars. North American race horses usually start running when they are only 2 years old.  The biggest tournaments in North America are Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont. These three tournaments are only for 3-year-old horses, collectively known as “The Triple Crown”. So […]

Horse racing betting elements you need to know (Part 1)

Horse racing has been a part of our history since the earliest days of human civilization and is also the oldest form of online sports betting. Many people will not deny that they have tried betting on horse racing at some point in their lives. However, they have failed to seize the opportunities they get […]

Common points between the Stock Market and the horse racing market (Part 2)

5. Investors often go in the wrong direction during the analysis process. Knowing the horse you are going to bet soon money will be back to you. Analyze past accomplishments carefully and you’ll know where to invest. We don’t look for horses that have the highest chance of winning, but we have to find which […]

Common points between the Stock Market and the horse racing market (Part 1)

Stocks and horse racing may seem like nothing at all, but they have so many similarities that you can replace the word “horse” with “stock” and still read it. The author of the book is also a writer for the Daily Racing Form – Steve Crist – has shown readers how to think and behave […]


12 fastest, most productive horses all over the world took part in a race that offers the largest-scale horse race being held in Sydney, Australia. Everest horse race tournament, being held in Royal Randwick horse racecourse in Sydney, in 2019, offered a recording prize of 9,6 million USD. The first-prized jockey of this race pocketed […]


In an island named Sumbawa in Indonesia, there are special horse-racing where jockeys are little kids which can terrify every adult because of its dangerousity. Young jockeys… Those unusual races in Indonesia are often held between April and July. They have the same rules as any other horse races all over the world, however, their […]