In an island named Sumbawa in Indonesia, there are special horse-racing where jockeys are little kids which can terrify every adult because of its dangerousity.

Young jockeys…

Those unusual races in Indonesia are often held between April and July. They have the same rules as any other horse races all over the world, however, their jockeys are little kids whose age is just from 5 to 10. Recently, an 11-day horse race has been held in here, which appealed 600 kids’ participation.

Those horses used in this race are often small which height is between 1,2 – 1,5 meters. Even though, little jockeys still need their parents’ help to mount horses. 

All competitors will start the race in a racecourse with the encouragement of 2.000 spectators and the race’s distance is 1.400 km.

These little jockeys bestride under the really bad conditions when they sometimes have to control horses without safety equipment such as grip. Therefore, accidents during the rack or injuries are unavoidable, it is even worse when young kids have to suffer from such types of pains. The local authority has been accused of child abuse and exploitation, however, the race does not seem to be banned as it has been a longstanding tradition, a pride for the locals. 

Traditionally, horses played an important role on island locals’ daily life. Horses help residents to transport goods, thus, most of Sumbawa children learn to bestride from the very first stages of their lives. 

The prize of Sumbawa horse racing for each jockey when he takes part in the race is 20.000-50.000 Rupiah Indonesia (around 5 USD) for one race. Usually, a young racer can bring home around 10 million Rupiah (around 1000 USD) after 7 days of this special horse-race.