Each country tries to equip the police with the most modern equipment and technology, but the horses are always accompanied by the diligent officers. Why is that?

Compared to their predecessors with only loyal horses and pistols, police forces now not only own cars, radios, cameras, but also countless other modern technological equipment. Even the upgrading of police equipment is also one of the criteria for competition among modern nations.

However, an interesting fact is that in many big developed cities, including New York, Berlin, London. There are still police patrolling the streets on horseback. Of course, they have a special reason to do that.

Crowd control

This is one of the biggest reasons modern patrol forces maintain a cavalry unit. Horses offer a great advantage in height and are much easier to move through crowds than motor vehicles. So when sitting on their backs, the police will have a significantly better view, while always clearly feeling the situation around them.

With a remarkable height, horses help patrol police have a much better view than when sitting in a car.

The actual work also proves that, with the support of the horses, the patrol forces easily disperse the crowds, especially the crowds that gather and make noise during festivals, soccer, etc.

Many countries with a large amount of “hooligan” have regularly resorted to the horse to separate groups of fanatical fanatics. The horse’s tall stature always makes them have an overwhelming role. In the UK, it takes only 3-4 horse-riding policemen to easily disperse the crowds that dozens of fully armed riot police cannot do.

Whoever stands in the front and is pushed by a horse tends to “obey”. Humans themselves, like many other creatures, have an instinct to fear larger species.

Besides, while the extremists often do not hesitate to smash the cars or motorbikes of the authorities during riots, doing the same with a large creature makes them shy. A horse with a defensive instinct agitated can easily take down even the fittest.