It’s easy to move

Compared with motor vehicles, horses can move flexibly and easily in narrow areas such as hammer markets, alleys, walking sidewalks. People also tend to give way to this friendly animal. On the other hand, this “vehicle” also does not cause environmental pollution or noise, traffic congestion, so it can be used in special areas.

In addition, horses can also be very effective in places where cars cannot reach, such as parks, buildings or off-asphalt terrain.

Search and rescue

Usually, horse-riding police forces are specially trained for search and rescue missions. Horses carry a wide range of necessities and can aid in searching for a long time, even on off-road terrain.

Horses can be suitable for security duties in sensitive areas where motorized vehicles should not be seen.

Improved visibility

For any police officer, it is very important to have a wide view to detect irregularities and dangers and prevent them before something bad happens. As mentioned above, with his outstanding height, the riding police have a much better view than when he is sitting in a car, especially on busy streets.

On the contrary, when the policemen stand out from the crowd, anyone who needs help can easily identify them and run to them quickly.

Improved cultural and tourism image

In almost every country, horses have always been a part of history. Equipping patrol forces with this kind of biological vehicle will help ancient cities promote their beauty, bring many benefits in tourism and culture.

Create a friendly atmosphere

This is a very sensitive advantage. For many people, the armed policemen moving their teeth on the motorized “iron boxes” always create coldness.

Meanwhile, a horse will create a sense of friendliness and intimacy, even spawning an interesting personal connection. In many cities, it is very common for people or tourists to wave to police officers on horseback.