Unlike other racing types, in horse racing, you not only need to learn about the horse but also learn about the racer who drives that horse.

This is an important betting strategy that is sometimes overlooked by new players. So what do you need to research about racers when betting on horse racing?

There are a few things you want to look for when you research a racer. First, you need to look at their game history. Are they a winning racer? Have they won recently? You also need to know if they have been active recently or if they are resting.

Second, you need to consider their particular experience with the actual horse they are riding and the track they are racing on. Have you ever driven a new vehicle or someone else’s car for the first time? It may take a little while to get used to things even though it’s still just driving. The same is true for jockeys and ponies. If the racer has never ridden that particular horse in race conditions, there may be some coordination problems in the race. While you shouldn’t rule out a horse just because this is their first race with a new racer, you should still take this factor into account.

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The racer’s experience on the track is probably the most important part you need to consider. An experienced racer who has run a particular track is more likely to know the tracks on and off the track. They will know the good parts of the track, which parts to avoid and they will know when and where will push the horses for maximum effort.