Horse meat does not taste as good as beef or pork, but its nutritional content is much higher.

For many countries, horses are more of a companion than a food to humans. Therefore, they were very surprised to learn that Japanese people love horse meat, especially raw food. Horse meat is a red meat, most commonly consumed in Central Asian countries, Mongolia and Japan.

Although the horse is not often seen much in Japan, it is a traditional delicacy in the country of the rising sun, especially in Nagano, Fukushima, Hokkaido, in Kumamoto people also use horse meat in special rituals.

In the eyes of the Japanese, although horse meat is not the best meat, it is a nutritious and healthy food, so it is very popular. Kumamoto is considered to be the birthplace of horse meat dishes, it is also considered a famous local specialty. Here, horse meat restaurants are everywhere with many unique delicacies.

Horses raised for meat in Japan often go through a special fattening process. It has an alternating soft, red and white texture that looks like a cherry blossom in bloom, hence it is also known as “sakura meat”.

Horse meat is rich in collagen, low in fat, low in cholesterol, contains many amino acids and vitamins necessary for the human body. It works very well to strengthen the fitness, helps cure high blood pressure, reduces hardening of the arteries.

The Japanese love for horse meat is so great that, apart from being self-sufficient, they also import a lot from abroad. This meat is loved by Japanese people of all ages and can be processed into many delicious dishes suitable for each age. Even in Kumamoto, horse meat is included on the menu of elementary schools.

The delicious dishes from horse meat must include:

– Sashimi

The Japanese love to eat raw horse meat, as it is very degenerate and loses its taste when cooked. The locals believe that horse meat must be eaten as soon as it is fresh to enjoy the pure flavor. Sashimi is usually taken from the back and belly of the horse, these are the finest meat, very soft, served with mustard and soy sauce.

– Hotpot

The “Sakura Hot Pot” hot pot with the main ingredient of horse meat is also very popular. Horse meat cooked with miso soup is the best winter dish. In Tohoku and Hokkaido, horse meat hot pot with offal is considered an aphrodisiac.

– Shredded horse meat

Shredded horse meat is selected from high quality horse loin, then chopped mixed with chopped scallions and fresh quail egg yolk, sprinkled with soy sauce.